Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dropped - Google+

So I'm a little bummed, cuz I sorta liked Google+, but Google has decided that it's important for me to reveal who I really am.

I get it, they want to insure people that their children aren't having conversations with known pedophiles. They feel it's better that everyone be up front with who they are, it's simply better that way. It's safer and more conducive to Googles bottom line, profit.

No problem, I still have Facebook, though I won't be surprised when they come calling to say, hey...we really need you to publicly provide your actual name. To whom I will also respond with a simple, goodbye.

Folks I'm sorry, but in this day an age where people can pretty much guess at your social security number, steal your ID, and rob you blind with a name and a birth date... Internet anonymity is important to those who've experienced such things already.

Google and Facebook provide a service, and while they'd like you to think it's free, they are gladly providing as much marketing information as they can glean about you to those willing to pay. Which is why the right to maintaining my anonymity is important to me, certainly enough so to drop their service the minute they have the nerve to say it's not important to them.