Thursday, February 22, 2018

Gun Control - Why Its Not Going to Happen.

So...the survivors did their well intended march on the Florida State Capital, and some met with the president. The result, a very predictable..., "Were going to look into this a lot more." and..."We've got to be able deal with these very sick people...we've got to get them treatment." and my personal favorite..."If only the coach or one of the teachers had a gun too. We've got to arm the teachers."

Lets face it, in light of the latest tragedy, there's been little to no consideration of new gun control laws. That when the polls show that even gun enthusiasts wouldn't mind stricter regulations. Of course when you start talking about banning certain guns, that's where the line gets drawn entirely and AR15 sales go through the roof. What the fuck is it that the allure of owning such weapons of mass people destruction, can so ruin our understanding of simple facts, and logic.

So of course, because my thought processes haven't been fucked up with regards to this subject, I'm going to attempt to hand feed you facts. First many people die by assault rifles every year? Well that's odd...clearly not enough to chart as the FBI stopped providing this bit of information to the public since the current administration took possession of the oval office. I had to hunt down the FBI's 2016 Homicide Statistics...

Holy shit...lets do the math here...and check my work because I'm terrible at math Deaths by all fire arms for 2016 totals up to...11,004 people. That's 30 people a day, 1.25 people an hour. Yeah but...where are assault rifles listed? For the purposes of being fair...we'll just assume that they listed under rifles.

374 Homicides by rifle, well that's not too bad...why that's only 1.024657... people a day. Hand guns by comparison have the real numbers...7105 peoples lives are ended every year with handguns. That's...19 people a day, roughly one person every hour and 15 minutes. Why is that I wonder...shouldn't the rifles and especially the assault rifles show the larger numbers?

The truth is they don't. AR15 style weapons are not cheap...your spending something in the neighborhood of a grand for one of these, where a handgun costs a fraction of that. Because the media only responds to news worthy enough to grab viewers. Someone being gunned down in their home, or on the street with a handgun...while it makes for great 48Hours scripting, who cares about it in the everyday scheme of things? Now you give me a story with a boy playing the Terminator, armed with a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range...or in this case an AR15 style semi-automatic, shooting up a school...and you got RATINGS GOLD BABY - GOLD!!

So..., maybe the problem isn't related to a specific gun type. Maybe it's more about gun proliferation, glamorization, a meltdown of mental healthcare support agencies due to federal and state budget cuts, and a very large distrust of authority....I.E. them guvment types.'s those things...but it's really the elephant in the room isn't it?

You know...THE MONEY - DUMB ASS!

Where would you go for an unbiased report showing you the impact of guns for the general population here in the US? Hey how bout the National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF for short.
Oh yeah...hey...look at's a FIFTY ONE BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Wow, with that kind of money involved...makes you wonder what kind of money they throw at politicians to make sure it stayed that profitable... Like for much did they give to the guy in the oval office now?

Source: New York Times
In the 2016 election, the NRA spent $11,438,118 to support Donald Trump—and another $19,756,346 to oppose Hillary Clinton. That’s over $31 million spent on one presidential race.

It's really always the same isn't it? Bad things happen to good people, because there is just so damn much fucking opportunity to make a fortune from taking advantage of the most primal human conditions - ignorance, fear and greed.

Like amusement parks, or our favorite guilty pleasures, we love our guns too fucking much to let them go. If a few innocent lives have to be lost every year, its clearly an unavoidable yet acceptable sacrifice were willing to let others make on our behalf.

To those of you who've lost or will soon lose loved ones, "Hearts and minds, thoughts and prayers." To those of you who want to see serious sweeping gun control in order to keep weapons of mass destruction from the hands of lunatics? In case you missed the political response, it went a lot like this, "FUCK OFF & DIE."

In the time spent writing this today...I started at 7AM and it's 9:33AM now...2 people died in gun related deaths this morning. Do a Google search...I'm sure you won't have to dig too hard.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ain’t America Great?

So wow! 8 Weeks into the new year an what a great time it is to be a flourishing young student happily going about your day, and then...well your not. Instead your bleeding out on the classroom floor while politicians are already searching for their “Hearts And Minds” speech templates.

Oh! And look, their goes gun sales again....cuz damn everybody knows them dreadfull liberals are gonna be chomping on the bit for further gun control! Damn fools, why can’t they see that the simple answer is to give everyone a gun so they can defend themselves! I mean heck, if half the students at that school had guns instead of cell phones, the body count wouldn’t have been so the perp...well that little fuck would be dead right? Damn straight, our kids don’t mess around with their video games, they’ve been taught, and rightfully so to blow them zombie sons a bitches away. Don’t leave anything alive that might be able to eat your brains later.
Fuck people, what the hell is the matter with us?!

When are we going to stop fucking around like a bunch of sniveling fools, and demand SOLID GUN CONTROL? No other first world country in the world has this kind of bull shit continuing to populate its daily news.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

At a complete loss of words...

I was not prepared for this day...

On December 8th, 2017 - an act of unfathomable and wholly unexpected kindness was done to me.

I sit here the following morning at 3AM, struggling with a measure of guilt and humility that I just cannot describe or comprehend. Someone whom I've known for well over thirty years, has seen fit to provide me with a measure of security that I haven't had since my youth.

For the purposes of maintaining anonymity for both myself and the person responsible for this...this inexcusable act of selfish selflessness, I cannot and will not share the details further. I can only say that however many years I may have left on this Earth, I will have to work mightily to deserve this measure of love.

To my friend, a woman as dear to me as my birth mother, and one I have had the honor of having called Mom. I cannot provide you with the amount of gratitude worthy of what you have done for me. I love you so very much, and hope that one day I can at least duplicate this act of kindness to someone more deserving.