Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where Is The Outrage?

Are you as shocked as I, or have you wrapped yourself up in the blankets of apathy that the religious right, and politicians who'll do anything to get their votes, have handed out?

I have friends and family that are still unsure about re-electing Obama, and some that are very much considering a republican. Folks, I understand your not happy, I get it. I am in no way thrilled with this administration, I share with you the disillusion and disappointment.

A good friend saw in greater detail what most of us did not, I heard her, but I insisted I felt Obama was going to follow through on his many promises. She recognized him better than I, she saw clearly what I didn't. That isn't to say she wasn't going to vote for him, her disappointment was that she'd have to pick the least of all evils, again.

It's really hard to speak for her, as she is no longer with us. I wonder at the bittersweet nature of the last presidential election for her, I know she was a big John Edwards fan, and we all know where that went. I think she knew that this was the last great political game that she'd ever bear witness to, and even all the while Obama was talking about revolutionizing health care, she saw through the veneer and realized that the outcome would be far less shiny than was promised.

For those of you confused about how the promise of "Healthcare for Everyone" turned into what we have, there's a very well done, FRONTLINE documentary called, "The Obama Deal" I highly recommend it.

This blog isn't meant to pick at the Obama promises not kept or the twisted results were reaping, it's more about the other choices we have, for President of the United States of America.

Anyone who can look at the current contenders, and not see the grime under the veneer their selling, is really working hard at not seeing it. OK come on people! You want one of these nut bags to run the country?! Really?

All right, let's just check with the woman out there. Are you really thrilled with the idea of funding for Planned Parenthood to be completely cut? Are you really that enthusiastic about having religious zealots determine the only proper place in society for you, as barefoot and pregnant? Are you as happy as all the wife beaters and rapists out there, that they're voting against the Violence Against Woman Act?

Good grief ladies, do you really feel the need to have so many of the advances you've made in gender equality backslide? Where in the heck is the outrage, and why in the hell would you be considering any other option other than Obama?!

If your on a date with the best looking guy ever, but he's just told you that his personal opinion of a woman's rights are only slightly elevated from that of solid farm breeding stock, why would pretend not to hear that?

I know my friend would have told the guy to go fuck himself.