Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Journey Quest

All right you pathetic excuses of humanity! I.E. My friends...

I talked about this at least a year ago, and I loaned the DVD to friends in an effort to spread the word.

The folks that produced and brought to you The Gamers and The Gamers II - Dorkness Rising, have created Journey Quest! A free, multi-episode fantasy farce of catastrophically hilarious proportions was given to us for free, in the hopes that enough of us losers would be willing in future to support additional seasons of the show.

This is a unique experiment that bypasses the idiocy of Hollywood, and gives us what we want.

I'm asking fuck that, I am telling you to go to the following site and donate some of your hard earned green backs, so that hope for this show and others like it to come, will not die!

In case you've never seen this show, it's now freely available on Hulu at...