Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Message of Hope...


What a fucking hell hole we have been dragged into by the ignorant frustrated mobs who have chosen to ignore every fucking clue, that the man they have chosen to place into the highest office of the land, is an ego-maniacal fuck, more suited to ruling a dictatorship than a republic.
For those of you who voted for him, I hope I can eat my words in four years.

I hope in four years time that this man turns out to be the savior of the middle class. I hope that he delivers on that promise like no other before him.

I hope that he doesn't RAPE this country like the vulnerable bitch I'm sure he considers her to be.

I hope that what ever damage he causes to this great country and the relationship we have with others, can be healed after he's gone.

I hope that those of you responsible for this pending disaster, remember that your votes made this happen. I hope in four years you can see through the bull shit propaganda that is going to fly in the face of reality, why he and the party that backed him couldn't deliver on any of their promises to you.

I hope to every deity dreamt by man, that he doesn't take us to war. I hope like hell, that in four years time, America's last use of the most destructive power ever created by man, is still a fleeting memory of World War II.

I hope that the Worlds environment can suffer the effects of an America without an effective Environmental Protection Agency. I hope that oil pipelines soon to resume being built, somehow beat the odds of inevitability, and don't pollute our precious water resources.

I hope that the very worst of what I expect to happen in the time this aberration is in office, doesn't come to fruition. I hope that if it does....those of you who voted for him recognize your culpability, and that it shames you.

I hope that four years from now I can be wrong again, and if I'm not...that I can forgive those of you responsible.

Wrong or right, I wish everyone the best, and that we all survive the next four years.

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