Friday, August 19, 2011

This just in...

So I have had absolutely no luck with finding homes for my three little monsters, Cali, Tosh and George...err Georgina...

Which means that I have to get them used to spending their days outside, while I'm at work. I live in the country and these three have basically been shacking up in my studio cottage since their mother gave birth to them in my closet. (See previous post for details.)

Last Saturday they got their distemper immunization, and thus began a gradual acclimation to the idea that they were free to go outside as long as I was home and had the sliding glass door open.

Sunday they were out nearly the entire day, and wow did they sleep well, as did I for a change. The past few week days they've been allowed to go outside early in the morning, and at some point would pop back inside for love and kibble before I went to work. I was keeping them inside while at work and then letting them out again when I returned home, with the understanding that they had a ten o'clock curfew.

I knew that like any teenage right of passage, at some point they would rebel against these rules and restrictions, and I was prepared to make allowances. Sure enough, on Thursday morning, they simply did not want to come back inside. I knew this day would come, and so I made my goodbyes to Cali and Tosh, and then found myself searching for one last glimpse of Georgina...

Oh! There she was, in the lowest branches of a medium height pine tree. She seemed happy and so I waved goodbye. Yeah I know...I should have seen it coming right?

I returned home to the happy hello's of Cali and Tosh, who were just gushing about how fantastic their day had been, when I began to notice the petulant cry of their missing sibling.

George had moved from her earlier respectable perch of 6 feet, to a spectacular height of about 23 feet, and she had at some point in the day developed a real fear of heights. In short she was stuck.

She had the whole climbing up principle down, it was the climbing down part that was the real trick.

As you can imagine, I spent hours out under that tree yesterday, cajoling, calling calmly and lovingly. I shook kibble, I displayed luxury cat foods, I (yes with much guilt) resorted to trying to get her mind off of her fear of heights by spraying her with water. It sort of worked, she moved down three feet. Then...I left her alone to regroup. The sun was gonna go down in an hour and so I made a rash decision...

I don't know about you, but I haven't climbed a tree since I was...14? Yes, I had to try...and damn! I managed to get within 5 feet of the little rascal, and what did she do? You guessed it, she just climbed 6 feet higher!

George slept in the tree last night, and only moments after I called work with my embarrassing excuse for having to not come in, there she was...on the floor...eating her breakfast kibble.

She's sleeping quite soundly right was a rough night for her, although she does have a very lovely pine sent.

Poor Georgina....crazy cat!

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