Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bank of America - Gets Outed as Tax Dodger - Where was the media?

Folks, if you relegate yourselves to basic media, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and FOX, your missing real journalism. In fact what your doing is falling victim to massively biased corporate interests, because it's massive corporations who run these networks.

Want real journalism? Then go out and find it, it's freely available on the internet.

My last entry talked about a well organized group of British citizens that have taken it upon themselves to alert the public of corporations allowed by their government, to avoid paying taxes. Meanwhile that same government is cutting services that could have easily been funded by the tax revenues avoided by that same single corporation.

I am pleased to say that it would appear that the article in "The Nation", was read by thousands of people in this country, and has served to inspire the following citizens group here in the States.

Check them out, they just held their first event, their target...


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