Tuesday, February 8, 2011

George W. - Under Threat of Arrest for War Crimes, Cancels Trip...

Awe shucks', it seems that Europe and in this case Switzerland in particular, has decided to honor and abide by the United Nations Convention Against Torture. Not only are they abiding by this solemn promise, but they are being asked by groups such as Amnesty International, to enforce and try those who have broken said agreement.

To put it simply, those parties representing countries who have pledged to and have done so by signing the charter, are bound by International Law to adhere to it. Any parties in power, or having represented the interests of said countries, suspected of breaking this law, should expect investigation, litigation and possible incarceration.

The former Bush Administration spent a lot of time and money during it's stay in the White House, looking for ways to ensure their twisting of the Conventions text, to suit their own means. So convinced was George W., that in his recently released autobiography, he openly admitted to having approved the use of water-boarding and other forms of torture.

One small problem, even though a representative of the United States signed the Convention Against Torture in 1987, it's never been officially ratified by any administration since. So..., we changed our minds. That means that legally were covered, and George W., has nothing to worry about.

Just because a bunch of other countries signed and ratified some stupid convention, that doesn't make it the law. Does it? You know what? I think this could be a truly righteous cause that George W. could take up in defense of those countries that value their perceived right to torture and humiliate people. 

I think George and his entire former cabinet, plus legal advisers, should hop on a jet plane today, fly to the Hague, and demand that their case be heard. Oh, and I'd like the whole thing televised, from handcuffing to sentencing.

Damn I'd like to see that. That, that would be good television!

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