Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thoughts On The Tragedy in Tuscon...

I wasn't going to write about the events in Tuscon over the weekend, but how do you suffer through the usual bullshit that the mainstream media continues to feed us, and stay quiet?

Over the last few years I've studied everything that's "Reported" with a fairly critical eye, mainly  because I'm looking for a glimmer of hope. I'm looking for someone who isn't just going to rehash the "EVENT", over and over again, but someone who's going to start asking the important questions, you know...the why's?

I have friends and family who'll be satisfied with the the simple answer, just one or two people responsible, they've been caught and will be punished - end of story. But folks, if we've lost the skill to dissect the events that led up to and resulted in this Saturdays tragedy, then this country is truly lost.

There's no way that I can look at an event like this and ignore all the threads that lead up to six dead, and twelve wounded. The thing we keep forgetting, is that it wasn't a gun that loaded itself and caught a ride to the local grocery store with the intent to kill a senator. The right of every citizen to bear arms is not why this happened, and while I laugh at the typical declaration given by proponents of firearms in every handbag, it's impossible to ignore the efficiency of a handgun to deliver death to the unprepared.

Lets dig deeper though, what sort of environment exists that might actually help to generate this sort of tragedy?

We live in a society that relishes all things violent, from the movies we see, the games we play, and the sporting events we watch. We have church groups who should be providing support and comfort to the needy, picketing the funerals of gay soldiers, aids patients, and a nine year old girl struck down by the bullets of a madman in Tuscon.

We are a country that refuses to see the truth behind the continued hemorrhaging of our youth and our economy, all for the supposed sake of enforcing our political values in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We have politicians, supposed stewards of the constitution and the voice of the people, using hate filled rhetoric to generate divisive opposition against their opponents. We have corporately owned media existing only to consume such tragedies, and feed them back to us in a foul regurgitated gruel that only serves to inflate their ratings.

I'm not sure what the hell is wrong with us, it must be something in the very nature of humanity to find violence so appealing. I understand that it's who we are and that we'll never be able to rid ourselves of it, but we should be able to recognize it for what it is, and strive to reduce some of it. Shouldn't we be able to do that?


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