Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The truth...

Hey guess what everyone?

Our government has been lying their proverbial asses off about how well the war is going! I know what your thinking, Joe is off on another one of his silly rants involving corporate conspiracy and political corruption, brace your selves...

And your right! But let me ask you this, after you've checked out some of these leaked documents that the government is all in a huff about, are you really all that shocked?! I mean hasn't the obvious snow job covering the reality of the situation in Afghanistan, made the whole thing that much more bearable for all of us?

I mean, we've know in our hearts that we've been doing all sorts of bad shit over there, accidental and incidental, but just so long as we didn't have to be reminded about it in gory detail, who cared. Which by the way makes us all culpable. You see the law in this country says that if you knew your next door neighbor was conducting vigilante style justice, torturing and killing the guilty along with the collateral innocent, and you didn't turn them in...well you'd be tossed in jail if it was found out that you knew.

But hey, that's a reflection of where our morals have gone to in this country.

I think it's a real defining moment when all the attention is placed on seeking out the source of the leak, the documents of which have yet to be refuted by the government, as apposed to exploring the reality of what they're telling us....you know...the truth.


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