Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is missing...

To those who are satisfied with Obama's efforts thus far, we would like to explain what is clearly missing...

Immediacy! In particular a declaration of WAR against our addiction to oil, not offers of prayer, not carefully crafted and well presented pretty speeches.

This country's national security is threatened daily by the thing that's used to make so many of the items we use in our daily life, from fuel in our vehicles to much of what I'm typing this very blog to you today. Our dependency of petroleum is poisoning our environment, and thus we our poisoning ourselves.

As a consumer based economy, we are not solely at fault, powers greater than we have inundated us with conditioning designed to keep us ignorant and apathetic of reality.

The two regular excuses we're fed by those who represent the interests of the status quo are...
  1. The technology to produce vast quantities of power needed to replace that which is provided from coal and oil, are still years from availability.
  2. The available green technologies for electricity today are without the needed infrastructure to bring them on line.
Here's what I know based upon easily available information...
  1. The technology to produce vast quantities of power needed to replace what's provided by coal and oil based power is available right now. We have it, it's proven, it's not science fiction, it's science fact. If you don't believe that, then stop listening to corporately owned media with it's own agenda's and explore alternatives on the web! I have listed a few on the right hand side of this blog under "Alternative Energy Solutions Available Now".
  2. Green power sources are having problems getting hooked up to the nations power grid.
  3. American's are desperate for solid, well paying jobs.
  4. We have spent billions if not trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of fighting terrorism. The cost of these two continued occupations continues to hemorrhage our economy. 
We need to cap our losses in the middle east, get the hell out of there and take those resources, and that same measure of commitment toward fighting our dependency on oil here at home.

What's missing, is a presidential mandate stating that we will be free of our dependency on oil in a handful of years!

Prayer will not do this.

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