Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trillions of Dollars In Minerals have Been Discovered in Afganistan!


Imagine my surprise when I woke this morning to a Reuters Report that stated, "Untapped mineral deposits in Afghanistan may be worth more than $1 trillion...." Followed by, "The mineral wealth, discovered by a team of Pentagon officials and U.S. geologists, is scattered throughout the country including in the south and east along the border with Pakistan, where the Taliban-led insurgency is the most intense."

Yeah isn't that just an amazing coincidence...,I mean that we would have just happened upon these sorts of things..., what with all of our time being spent keeping AMERICA SAFE FROM TERROR. I mean, what great news for the people of Afghanistan!
Of course the best pieces of the story, and please feel free to read the entire article, are as follows... 

"Afghanistan does not have any mining industry or infrastructure, so it will take decades for the country to exploit its mineral wealth fully, the paper quoted U.S. officials as saying."
Not to worry about the delay though, as usual there are already countries and corporations waiting in the wings to exploit the countries wealth at a drop of a hat...

"Two Chinese firms have committed themselves to a $4 billion investment in the vast Aynak copper mine, south of Kabul, the biggest non-military foreign investment so far in the country.
Another big contract to mine an estimated 1.8 billion tons of high-quality iron ore in the remote mountainous region of Hajigak is expected to open for international bidding this year.
Firms from India and China are eyeing the contract, which the Afghan mines ministry says is the largest unmined iron deposit in Asia."

So here's what we all want to happen, were hoping for honest Afghan leadership to take charge here, and to insure that the deals signed with international corporate interests will insure that the vast sums of money received by them will be shared by all of the peoples of that third world country.

Yeah that's what we want, but history says what we want and what we get are regularly complete opposites. I recommend you take a look at what's happened in other third world countries where vast untapped resources were discovered and then signed over to large corporations with a history of being real skilled at exploiting resources.

This sort of thing only serves to prove my previous points as to why we're really in Afghanistan.

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