Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A voice from the Gulf

The following observation was provided by a very good friend, someone who is intimately experiencing the BP created environmental catastrophe in the Gulf.  

Tragically Beautiful
I learned what that phrase really meant last evening.

I went out on deck for some sense of being outside and to watch the sun set over the open sea.
You don’t go outside for fresh air as the spill has a pretty strong odor.

As I was watching the sun set as a big orange egg yolk in the sky, I started to look at the inky waters below. The water is a blue/black with occasional rainbow swirls and eddies. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a blue light below the surface. I figured it was just one of the many submersible units they have working out here. As I continued to look for it, another and another appeared, until there were about 5. After a moment I realized that they were fish with a bright blue luminescent stripe on their sides. They reminded me of the small glowy ones you can get for your aquarium, but these were much larger, almost a foot long each. As I watched them, more and more appeared. There were at least 50 blue lights dancing beneath the surface of the water as they too came up for the sunset.  I was amazed by the beauty of nature and the luck that I had in seeing such a thing.

Suddenly I realized….They were all going to die.
I then went below decks for some “fresh” air.

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  1. Note to self...Gulph is spelled wrong...try Gulf. -sheeesh-