Monday, May 31, 2010

Thoughts on Memorial Day

I used to equate this day to patriotism and the ultimate sacrifice for country and kin. This day for me was about barbecues, flags and parades down main by veterans young and old. It was a day to feel good about your country, to reflect upon the very best it had to offer, and to thank those who'd given their lives for our freedoms.

And it still should be, but...

What taints that once innocent and altogether foolhardy naivete, are facts that are too easily confirmed by multiple sources showing that war is rarely about good and evil, but that all too often, it's simply about lining the pockets of the worlds elite.

The facts and sources impossible to refute, but easily ignored and glossed over by corporately owned media, show that the American public have been duped by a criminal syndicate the likes that would put any in recorded history to shame.

During the eight long years of the Bush Administration, while American soldiers were giving their lives to keep us all safe from terror, large corporations capitalized on the influence of former CEO's who used their positions of power to fill their own bank accounts and those of institutions that they once openly worked for.

I wonder how they feel when watching a parade of surviving veterans, those with missing limbs, or in wheel chairs, and then of course those not so obvious but no less part of the walking and forever wounded. I'm guessing a minority of the guilty benefactors might occasion a slight twinge of regret, but the vast majority wouldn't bother themselves with such things and they sure as hell wouldn't be caught dead at a public parade and barbecue.

To those that have served, I thank you.

To those that gave your lives, limbs and psyche to defend our way of life, I thank you and apologize for those truly responsible for putting your families through the sorrow of your sacrifice.


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