Friday, May 14, 2010

Are we really all that important?

Having watched the events unfold in the Gulf of Mexico for the last three weeks, I really have to ask the question, as a species, are we really all that important?

Now lets face facts here people, if all species on this planet were given a voice and equal power to govern this fine place we call home, just what level of diplomatic weight would our voices carry given our historical record?

I'm guessing we'd be treated with the same measure of respect typically reserved for despots and dictators. I'm guessing that every other species in the world would be calling us out as the leading member state in a global axis of environmental evil. If these other species had the power to unite in an allied cause to counter our reign of world terror, would they not be justified in bringing our destructive nature to an end?

If I were to ask the question, "If every human being, every man, woman and child, were to suddenly not exist, how would the world and indeed the remaining species be effected in a negative way?"

How many benefits does the existence of humanity provide other species?

Oh sure I can see domesticated animals, those that couldn't revert to feral instincts, perishing in the aftermath of our sudden extinction. And then there are the rats and cockroaches to consider, but they wouldn't die off, maybe a slight fluctuation in numbers, but really...

In the movie, "The Matrix", humanity is likened to a disease, a plague upon the world. I remember it clearly and recognized immediately the simple truth of that statement. We are unique as a species, we have the ability to do great things, but our talent, what were best at, is showing ambivalence to all other needs save our own, and the destruction of all things necessary to achieve them.

So again, I ask this simple question, "Are we, as a species, really all that important?"

This just in...the USOE (United Species of Earth) called an emergency session today to discuss and vote upon the necessity of mankind. Initial indications are that the vote was quick and unanimous, care to guess how it went down?


  1. About a year ago or so a book came out about exactly what you are talking about and made the case that the world would be better off without us. We are hard on the planet and if we disappeared the world would become much greener and recover quicker from our assault on it.

  2. Yeah, I remember seeing a discovery documentary as well...something similar. You know Anne, I love humanity - even with all our flaws, we are an incredibly interesting species. We have so much promise, but we squander it all.

    The religious all have there stories of Eden, how we could have had anything we wanted at the cost of forfeiting just one thing. In every version the temptation to have that one thing is always just too much for us, and then we are cast out and the gates are forever closed to us.

    I wonder when people will see that this is Eden, and that we have only limited our access to all the bounties it contains through self denial and greed.

    Think of it, this place we live on, this speck of dust in the cosmos that provides for us everything we need. There is only hate because we choose to hate, there is only war because we choose to war, and there is only limitation because we choose to limit ourselves.

    Were a messed up pot of soup, overly salted and in desperate need of something to keep it all from boiling over.