Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Tribute to America's Know it All...

We've all known someone like this in our lives, many of us have known more than one, these are people who have opinions on just about any subject and are never too shy to share. Awe crap, I just defined myself...but seriously, the one I choose to pay tribute to today is...a professional.

Today I choose to say thank you, to a person who's very name causes such perceptible disdain, when mentioned in certain circles, has actually given cause for many people to begin foaming at the mouth and swearing out loud.

This man has gone to great lengths to show us the evils of monolithic corporations, specifically their effects upon our society through their heavy handed influence of government offices. He has worked to expose a recent presidency that used its influence and power to fill the pocket books of the rich and filthy rich, while driving the rest of us honest folks straight into the bowels of economic depression.

In 2007 he produced a movie that attempted to shed some light on America's "For Profit" health care system. So accurate was this documentary that Wendell Potter, the former top public relations Executive with CIGNA, told Bill Moyers, "I thought that he'd hit the nail on the head with his movie."

* Ref: http://www.pbs.org/moyers/journal/07312009/profile.html

Moyers interview with Wendell Potter is the clearest, and the most honest revelation of this countries health care companies motivations and actions.

If you are still uncertain about the reasons why some politicians continue to support the status quo while denouncing the introduction of a public insurance option, do some research damn it! Find out more about your senators, congressmen & woman.

What are the connections between them and vested special interest groups who represent the current industry as a whole? What you'll find may be shocking at first, but trust me, you'll soon come to realize that a heck lot of these public servants have been bought with campaign finance. It's the accepted practice throughout the land folks, and the only way to stop it is to expose it, over and over and over again. Why so often? Well, because humanity as a whole is afflicted with a combination of short term memory, and a state of apathy that has been nurtured since the creation of the first corporation.

Sorry...I get a bit emotional when it comes to healthcare.

So getting back to my tribute, I've always been a fan of this individual, and I have gladly endured putting up with the derision that comes from friends and family. You naysayers can bitch, whine and snivel all you want, but the truth makes it impossible to ignore just how much Michael Moore has gotten right.

As a self proclaimed know it all, I am also a realist, in that I know that I am not always right, and in fact, more often than not - wrong. In this particular case, I will simply state, "The majority of regular folks who make a point to slander or discredit Michael Moore, are simply ignorant of the facts. Their ignorance is either conditioned by their environment or their fear of accepting the truth, that those we were taught to trust, have sold us out for their own profit.


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