Friday, August 14, 2009

Town Hall Debacle

OK - I can live with the scared and ignorant folks who have been attending these town hall meetings on health care reform, but it's the politicians who know better, the ones that continue to perpetrate the lies that feed the fear and ignorance that have really been pissing me off.

These parrots of the the current health care "INDUSTRY" don't care a lick about their constituents, they only know how to suck greedily at the teat of corporations that have bought their vote.

That's right folks, your politicians are really NOT yours. They vote where the money is, just how many thousands of dollars have you given your senator or congressman lately? Are you sure they're representing your best interests, or the best interests of someone who's come in with a better offer?

We allow this shit people, lobbyists and former lobbyists (don't think for a second they ever stop being lobbyists) have infiltrated every inch of the fabric that is this countries political system.

Their job is not hidden from us, they are not nefarious villains skulking in the shadows, they are part of the political process, and their job is to buy votes! Just so you understand, they're not just going door to door, blasting you with radio and television adds, they are going directly to the politicians and tempting them with money to forfeit OUR rights to representation.

Many would say, "Yeah but that's capitalism!" I see it for what it is people, legally sanctioned bribery. And yeah since "Extreme Capitalism" is what this country runs on, then yeah I guess it is capitalism. It doesn't make it right though.

I'm not going to try to rescue the folks who have fallen to the dark side of the health care reform argument, they are beyond my help and they don't want it. For those who timidly put out a hand asking for some clarification, I'll be more than happy to help them up.

Folks, if your trying to see beyond all the bull that various sources of media are spewing at you every minute of the day, and your looking for the truth, I've got good news and bad news.

Lets start with the bad news, their is no one source to which you can go to and be assured that they are giving you concise and unbiased information. Their is no radio station you can dial to, no channel on your television called "Truth", though their are a few that come to mind who make that claim almost daily. :)

The good news, is that if you've actually read this particular rant of mine this far, you have been blessed with a mind still capable of a talent that is sadly lacking in our society and classrooms, critical thinking. You have access to the most powerful tool ever given to people living in the free world, the World Wide Web.

Your going to have to visit dozens if not hundreds of sources to research this topic, remember that most are going to represent their arguments for or against health care reform. Your going to have to glean the truth from the fiction on your own. I can give you one hint to aid you in your process of dissemination, if the web site you visit starts out strongly lambasting the current administration, you can bet your ass that they might be skewing the facts a bit to best represent their argument.

Good luck...



  1. I use and they seem to be unbiased, but isn't everyone biased to some extent?

    I have problems with the many iterations of the Health Care Reform bill:

    If passed what incentive will the companies that employ us have to keep our current coverage?

    If our employers do keep our coverage, will we still be paying into the "General Insurance Fund" to pay for this? Most of us who have company sponsored health insurance pay at least part of the cost and the part the company pays for is counted as a benefit.

    Will everyone pay the same amount? Or will it be a percentage of our salary, if we have a job. Right now, it doesn't matter how much I make my cost is static (At least as static as insurance can be).

    The bill does not address the "For Profit" nature of health care, which is at the center of the health care problem.

  2. Keith, let's not fool ourselves, if this sucker passes and a legitimate and viable public option becomes available, companies will probably start to request that their employees transition over en mass.

    They'd have two motivations, the first being the most basic, the operational cost reduction. The second and not nearly as important as the first, is that they still want a healthy workforce.

    I would hazard that part of the transition would involve droves of representatives from insurers, who our employers contract, paying us visits at work. They will no doubt come armed to the teeth with a host of statistics as to why you should stay with them and continue paying their exorbitant fee's for services that may be rescinded by them at any time should you choose to become dreadfully ill.

    There are a lot of us who are disappointed that the "Single Payer" plan option was removed from the earliest panel discussions. My belief is that this administration understood that the chances of attempting a "Single Payer" plan would have been akin to asking every gun owner to immediately turn their weapons in to their local PD.

    Obama's administration is devious, they're gonna give us a taste of something different, even if they have to ram it down our collective throats.

    There's a damn good reason the existing insurance companies are fighting this, they invented devious and like the bird in Cosby's stomach, they have seen what is coming, and have started running... ;)

  3. A fellow blogger at does a real fine piece, comparing what's wrong with the health care industry to what cause the two Space Shuttle accidents.

    I highly recommend checking it out, it's titled...Healthcare Reform, Part One: The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone