Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charlie Brown Scream...


Pardon my French, and this is wholly directed at the current administration, the political party that owns both houses, and declared the Public Health Care option dead. WHAT THE F*%# ?!

This one goes out to all the folks who behaved like chickens in a hen house, and suddenly started defending the fox when the farmer came out with his gun to save them, WHAT THE F*%# ?!

This one goes out to my friends and family that read and listen to my rantings, I'm sorry, I really thought these guys had the juice. I helped them get there, I gave them my money, I gave them my commitment and extolled their virtues. (OK maybe just Obama's virtues.)

F***************%# !

OK, enough expletives for now, after all, I gotta save some for work too.

So...what next? I really don't know... Hey, here's something freakishly bizarre, yet another well written bit of commentary posted on CNN of all places. Heck this is the second time in a week that they've actually posted anything worth reading.

This is gonna cheer you all up, this guy is gonna explain why a lot of us haven't gotten much better than a 3% raise in the last ten to fifteen years. Enjoy!


Awe heck, if you really want to read something to put you in a better mood, go check out Jim's latest rant. It was so damn funny, I nearly spotted!



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