Friday, July 24, 2009

Morally Bankrupt...

It saddens me every time I listen to friends and relatives discussing health care, and what frustrates me most are the statements of, "Well I just don't want to have to pay for everybody else. I mean why should I have to pay for them?"

We have in the last 41 years of my life become a very cold and very hard society, not because were any different from countries with socialized medicine, but because we simply haven't had the benefit of having it. We don't know anything else, we only hear or see whats reported to us from people paid to represent some particular interest group.

But I digress from what I'd meant to say...and I say it regularly and always upon seemingly deaf ears or those that simply cannot comprehend, "It's morally wrong for health care in this country and indeed any country, to be an industry for profit."

Profit has so become the bottom line in our culture that when I say this people often look like I'd just fed them a spoon full of Castor oil. I mean think of it people, if a man, woman or child lay before you bleeding from a severed leg artery, would you do the morally correct thing and try and help them out, or would you be too busy trying to determine the cost of expenditure to yourself?

If you can't arrive at an immediate and simple answer to that question, then my case is lost to you and I except my failure to explain it to you - this time.

I wont give up, I'll never give up.


  1. Hi!

    Thought I would cruise by and check out your blog.

    I agree that healing people needs to not be something framed by the whole "for profit" mentality. Healers need to be able to have a decent wage and be able to support themselves, but the system does not need the bloat and does not need the whole capitalist mentality that surrounds it.

  2. Hello Anne,

    Thanks for stopping by - you are my very first guest and finer company I could not have asked for.

    There are so many things about health care in this country that are wrong, if it wasn't for the current "for-profit" insurance system in this country it would be harder to find a place to begin discovering a cure for it.

    This country's biggest mistake is that we have fallen for the fad diet when it comes to economy. We listen to people who represent the interests of corporate powers that be and we believe them because they believe it themselves so much that they are excellent sales people.

    No extreme in life is good, whether it be politics, religion, economics, etc... Balance is perfection, we need to strive for that in all things.

    I'm not a religious person by any means Anne, in fact I would define my belief system as, hopeful atheist. I don't believe in a God of any faith, but I hope that ultimately were all wrong on the details, and that there is something beyond this existence.

    But until then I see this speck of water and dust we live on as something truly special. If you were to take away all the crap that we as a species have done to mark our brief stay here, this really would be a place one could describe as Eden.

    Holy cow! I have gone totally Dali Lama on you - sorry about that.

    Getting back on track, we have gone overboard with capitalism in this country and we need to start regaining some balance. Problem is were gonna have to do it by dragging people who will fight us (kicking, screaming, lying, and cheating) away from the abyss.

  3. Hey Joe,

    I agree with you completely, but I think you're missing an important point. While I agree that the big insurance companies are in it for profit and we as a capitolist culture have become morally bankrupt, it isn't just the companies. The individual has the same problem.

    If universal health care passes someday, in any form, we will have individuals taking advantage of the system. You won't maybe, I won't, but MANY will. People who choose not to contribute one bit to society will still be provided for. This is a huge issue. Solve that and the division between the Right and Left will close a bit.

    In a utopian society, everyone would contribute as much to the greater good as they were capable of giving. It's an ideal to strive for, but realistically, the Soviet Union tried this already. It doesn't work. People will always try to gain an advantage. It's in our nature. Call it survival instinct. We can see it is to our advantage to take all we can, when we can, to insure our individual survival. Many of us can see farther than that and we work for the survival of immediate family. Some even see farther and will work to the survival of our friends as well.

    Rare is the individual who will try to insure the survival of a whole society. Many will pose as that person to gain power. I grow more cynical with each passing year and now believe it is nearly impossible for an individual to rise to power without becoming corrupt. There is too much money at stake.

    I do not mean to say that we shouldn't fight for the ideal. I fight for it each day in little ways though I'm sure I will not see much progress in my lifetime.